Welcome to the Mechatronics and Robotics Lab for Innovation of Politecnico di Milano. We are a group of people committed to research, innovation and technology transfer in the fields of mechatronics, robotics and motion control.

MERLIN researchers are active in the following areas:

  • Collaborative robotics and automation;
  • Scheduling for collaborative assembly plans;
  • Physical human-robot interaction for both industrial and service robotics;
  • Autonomous and semi-autonomous navigation of mobile robots;
  • Motion planning for indoor and outdoor mobile manipulators.

Research Highlights

An IIoT solution to speed-up collaborative robotics applications

A collaborative robot is a robot intended for direct human robot interaction within a shared workspace, or where humans and robots are in close proximity. For safety reasons, they are typically run at reduced speed with respect to traditional industrial robots. On the other hand, the persistent presence of the human worker might introduce several benefits in specific applications. The …

Cobots: key allies to increase productivity and mitigate stress

How many times do we feel exhausted after an intense workday? Maybe we did our best at work and then we feel like our own physical and mental resources just disappeared… or we feel like we weren’t able to operate at maximum efficiency, inevitably collapsing into a heap of perceived failure. In today’s society the …

Collaborative robotics: a new paradigm?

Collaborative robotics has now been a reality for about ten years and finds space in various applications ranging from the loading of machine tools to quality control, passing through end-of-line packaging.The ease of installation and the rapid return on investment have represented the main growth drivers of this technology which is carving out an increasing …